3rd International Conference on Emergency Medicine

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3rd International Conference on Emergency Medicine, Dhaka Bangladesh,


Date            :        29th December 2010 to 1st January 2011.

Venue         :        BSMMU, BIRDEM &DMCH.


14 August, 2010


Honourable Coordinators,

This is my great pleasure to arrange interlinked between our President with the national and international coordinators.


Dr. Mohammed Ohidul Alam, email:drmoalam@yahoo.co.uk, mobile: 0044-7711511524) is the pioneer in initiating from UK and brought the fragrance of Emergency Medicine in our country.


Professor Ziaudin Ahmed, email:Ziauddin.Ahmed@DrexilMed.edu, mobiles the patron from USA, who is very much committed to introduce post graduate medical education and training on emergency Medicine in  Bangladesh.


Dr. Reza Ali, email:   rrali@hotmail.com, mobile 0061-412126078,  is working in Australia, a contributor in the last conference & is highly interested to contribute in EM in our country.


Our President Prof Humayun Kabir Chowdhury (+88001711520427) is the Professor of Surgery at BIRDEM who has kindly accepted the trouble of being the President of our Society where the subject has no recognition in our country until now!


I am expecting that  all of you should communicate with each other whenever possible to strengthen the Emergency Medicine in our country as Specialty & as a subject of interest everywhere.


We have decided until now the next conference on 29 December to 1st January, 2011. So we will call it Conference 2011.


For Scientific Committee Prof Mohammad Saiful Islam, Dean of the faculty of Surgery, BSMMU, Dhaka, Bangladesh, (saif_214bd@yahoo.com) has been given the Chairmanship/Convenor of the scientific committee,   whom you could contact to express your interest in the conference. We are still in the beginning.


I am sending the full committee to our coordinators for their convenience.

Please do not hesitate to give any advice to our committee. Though we are going little bit slowly but hope to win in the long run!!!

Best regards.


Dr. Raghib Manzoor

Secretary General

Bangladesh Society of Emergency Medicine


Welcome to the web page of Bangladesh Emergency Medicine.

Main objectives:

Promotion of Education and Training in Emergency Medicine in Bangladesh.

Other objectives:

To bring in touch of the interested Doctors from UK, USA and Australia with the Medical Professionals in Bangladesh to promote Medical Educational and Training activities with especial interest in Emergency Medicine . Improvement of Emergency healthcare by increasing awareness the people’s side by side the improvement of knowledge and skills of Professionals. Providing consulting services to the Government and non government organizations to promote Emergency Medical Services in Bangladesh. Liaise with the Post graduate Medical Education Institutions/bodies of Bangladesh for the introduction of Education, training and conferring postgraduate Diplomas/degrees /Fellowship in Emergency Medicine.

On behalf of the Bangladesh Emergency Medicine

Dr Mohammed Ohidul Alam
Specialized in Emergency Medicine
United Kingdom

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